Contratos Nacionales y Operaciones de Negocios Internacionales

Unfair Competition Practices, Antitrust and Consumer Law

REYES & REYES ABOGADOS has successfully counseled and represented its clients in renown antitrust and unfair competition cases in Colombia. Our experience is mostly related to cases of passing off, use of third-party reputation, corporate espionage trade secret infringement and breach of legal duties with unfair competition effects.

The firm has also successfully represented its clients in consumer protection, metrology, price control, and antitrust investigations.


  • Due diligence processes for our clients, aimed at identifying contingencies and risks in antitrust, unfair competition practices, consumer protection, and legal metrology matters.
  • Structuring and implementation of adequate strategies, either as plaintiffs or defendants, in unfair competition lawsuits.
  • Application and implementation of preliminary injunctions (in court or before the regulatory agencies) aimed at preventing or avoiding the extension of unfair competition, antitrust or consumer protection violations.
  • Advisory in administrative procedures related to antitrust conducts: claim and defense filings and pleas; granting of guarantees, as well as filing appeals and related petitions.
  • Filing requests for authorization requests or notifications to the Colombian antitrust authority, regarding corporate integrations, as consequence of SPAs, APAs and related integration operations.
  • Counseling, advising and support in consumer protection issues and claims before the Colombian consumer protection agency (SIC).
  • Representation of companies in cases of information or evidence collection orders issued by the consumer protection agency; counseling and representation of our clients in investigations and penalty proceedings, related to infringement of Colombian Consumer Protection Law (Law 1450 of 2011).
  • Representation of companies in administrative investigations related to legal metrology and price control laws and regulations.